While collaborating together at Philip Johnson / Alan Ritchie Architects New York in 2004, the “Desfa” name would be the representative name for which Howard Wang and Michael Dungca would associate and group a design style that was inspiring and unique. The terminology for Desfa, as in “design for architecture”, would embrace a range of modern design qualities and experiences. From space, to furniture, to simple objects, there was a common design language that was cherished by both designers.

Desfa Group is now the result of several years of further design exploration and projects that have been completed successfully. Having a broad and border-less view of the world, and recently working mainly in the Asian market, the experience has been insightful and invaluable. With successful projects ranging from urban planning, hospitality planning and design, interiors and architecture, the Desfa style and name that was once a collection of ideas is now officially a reality. With the formation of the Desfa Group, that same design language is carried through with each project, and a new wave of talented core designers and associate partners, are driving Desfa Group to higher limits.

As architects, designers, planners and specialty consultants, we are a group of professionals that work closely as a team to design, manage and develop projects that have a unique and lasting experience. Powerful, inspirational ideas guide our solutions, and at the same time we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt our design philosophy to achieve our client’s vision.

Our diverse global experience and backgrounds gives us the ability to connect across different cultural boundaries, and introduce new ideas were once not imaginable. While our work reflects a careful attention to detail and is based on different criteria, we also make great effort to protect our natural environment by choosing environmental friendly materials.